Hannah Lowe Corman
Fine Art

Artist Statement:

As a Mindfulness Painter, my art is influenced by each of our mind-body intuitions and our innate ability to snap out of our running minds and connect into our deepest Selves. The movement of my body while creating a painting is equally important as the spark of the idea. A flick of the wrist or a sweep of the arm lays down a melding color palette.

Getting lost in the physical dance and tapping into the universal flow while painting results in serene, meditative work. Compositions of abstracted landscapes, peaceful florals, or simply organic explorations of color, often come to me in moments of stillness, and the product of this quieted-mind approach is a meditation on a place, feeling or memory, an anchor to our deepest Selves.

What is Mindfulness Painting?

There is a rhythm to my work and to my body as I work. I get lost in the painting, such that I’m only aware of the creation at hand. Time runs out and something jolts me back to reality, but while I’m painting, I’m in the flow. I’ve dipped into the greater universal consciousness. I’m unaware of to-do list thoughts, concerns or worry. Painting is a meditation, a continual practice of becoming present. To learn more about my painting process, read this blog post all about it.

The art that results, and the feelings triggered by viewing it, is a product of this mind-body approach: serene, anchored in a memory or mood, tranquil, aware of the present. 

It’s fulfilling to see that the mindfulness practice I undertake in painting creates art that resonates with joyful, high-vibrating people, who then share that wonderful feedback with me, which in turn lifts my spirits too. I feel so happy that a process that is rewarding to me, gives so much to others.

Email me for purchase inquiries, to commission a unique painting, or just to chat and let me know what’s stressing you out today to see if I can offer any advice!

HLC Artist Bio:

Hannah Lowe Corman is an abstract painter, yoga teacher, and mother in Houston, TX. She grew up outside of Baltimore, MD where she studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

While her undergraduate degrees from University of Maryland are in Finance and French and she worked in the corporate and not for profit worlds for a decade, she decided to follow her artistic passions into a career in her 30s.

She recently moved from NYC to Houston where she now works, drawing deeply from meditation and mindfulness. Her abstract acrylic paintings have been shown at the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis, among other solo and group exhibitions in New York and Maryland, and her large scale paintings have been published in My Wedding Magazine and The Perfect Palette.

Her work is held in private collections across the United States. She is represented by Bozzuto Greene Art in Baltimore, Maryland.